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An oasis in the desert

Guide to casinos, nightclubs, restaurants and clever tips for you to get the best out of Sharm el sheikh.

I am The Sheikh of Sharm. Hope you find the info you are looking for on my website.

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So who travels to this holiday resort on the southtip of the Sinai-Peninsula? There is an international feeling in Sharm El Sheik. Russians and italians are dominating the streets, but also arabs from neighbouring countries. There are also many english and americans.

Luxury hotels like Hilton, Hyatt, Marriot, Movenpick and Sonesta are popular for those who want to live really good in Sharm el Sheik. Some of these have casinos and golf connected to their resort..

Diving and the nearby coralreefs have pushed the city forward. Divers from the whole world come here to see the worlds northernmost coral reef. But you don't have to be a professional to enjoy the reefs. Just buy a swim mask and a snorkel and get started. Remember the coral reef has preservation regulation, and removing pieces from the reef is stricktly prohibited.

People who visit Sharm El Sheikh for the first time often takes the trip to Cairo to see the pyramides or a cruise on the Nile. From Sharm it's also excursions to the Mountain of Moses and you can see the desert on a jeep safari.

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The area is growing rapidly , and they are currently building av new modern airport to accommodate the rush of tourists. Egyptians authorities also has a goal to tenfold the development. Tourism is one of the most important industries for Egypt and employ a great deal of egypt 70 million inhabitants.
Sharm hosted a peace conference in 2000, and the road to the airport is named "Peace Road".

The President Hosni Mubarak often visits his soninlaws hotel. Then the military stops all traffic until he is safely arrives at the hotel.
Sharm el-Sheikh is in many regards a very special place for egyptians.

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ar:شرم الشيخ
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en:Sharm el-Sheikh
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eo:Ŝarm el Ŝeiĥ
fr:Charm el-Cheikh
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he:שארם א-שייח'
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fi:Šarm al-Šaikh
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tr:Şarm El-Şeyh

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