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Casinos in Sharm
There are two big casinos in Sharm El Sheikh and three smaller casinos. Casino Royale in Naama Bay. Five minutes by taxi from Naama Bay is Sinai Grand Casino.

Sinai Grand Casino
Welcome to the biggest and brightest casino in the Middle East, Sinai Grand Casino. Located in Sharm el Sheikh Egypt, Sinai Grand Casino offer daily Texas Hold ‘em Tournaments and Cash Games and a wide selection of your favourite Table Games and Slots. Enjoy the match and a drink in our sports bar or enjoy a gourmet dinner in our world class restaurant. Sinai Grand Casino has something for everyone…
Sonesta Beach Hotel, Naama Bay ( 5 min m/Taxi).
Open: 20.00 - 04.00
Tlf: 010 - 197 5599


Casino Royale is a part of Jollie Ville Hotel Movenpick and is smaller but with more class. Its part of an Austrian chain that has Casinos worldwide. Formal milieu. Highly Recommended.
Naama Bay
Tlf: 069 - 3600 100
Open: 18.00 - 06.00

Casino Sharm
Hilton Dreams Hotell
Open: 20.00 - 04.00

Aladin Casino
Domina Coral Bay.
Also with private rooms available.

You can play with amerikanske dollars only, there is change office in all casinos. If you don't have cash you can withdraw money with Visa/mastercard etc.

All casinos have security guards at the entrance. And you must pass a metaldetector, and often there is a second search with handheld detectors..

The Games

The roulette it's easy to learn, and it often gets crowded around the tables.
Other table games:
Black jack or 21.
Stud Poker
Hold em' Poker.

Slot machines can be found on all casions.
Las Vegas Bally and video poker.

Play free casino games


Ps. Sensible for smoke?. There is no smoking restrictions in Egypt, and the casinos sometimes get smoke-filled .

Many would like to offer you a ride home. Non taxis often have "newer" cars. And take about 50 Euros to Naama Bay (from Sinai Grand ) or Hadaba. You can beat down the price.

Ordinary taxi costs approx 4 Euros. So there something for every wallet.

Entrance to Sinai Grand Casino:

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